1. Project management

  2. Dissemination

  3. Exploitation of project outcomes

  4. Quality Assurance
    Anthony Smith, Coordinator, CPE Lyon, France; coordinator@ec2e2n2.net.

  5. A virtual campus for chemistry and chemical engineering

  6. Stimulating entrepreneurship

  7. Creation of a structure for addressing linguistic issues in European chemistry and chemical engineering education

  8. Creation of a framework offering lecturing qualifications for university teaching staff

  9. Employability of chemistry bachelors

  10. Transparency of Chemistry

  11. Internet-based test development

  12. Towards European quality labels for teacher education programmes

  13. Student-centred activities promoting European scientific citizenship: Summer schools and contests

  14. The attractiveness of chemistry and chemical engineering

  15. Improving Learning Outcomes

  16. Generic skills in third cycle chemistry programmes

  17. The interface of chemistry and chemical engineering

  18. Continuing education