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EC2E2N-1 • Work Package 08

Creation of a framework offering lecturing qualifications for university teaching staff

Updated: 25-02-2013 02:18


Paul Yates (Keele UK)

Natasa Zupancic-Brouwer (Amsterdam NL)


Natasa Brouwer (Amsterdam NL), Bill Byers (Ulster UK), Sylvia Markic (Bremen DE), Michael Seery (Dublin IE), Egbert Mulder (Utrecht NL), Marilena E. Lekka (Greece GR), Iwona Maciejowska (Poland PL), Blanka Kralova (Prague CZ), Anda Prikjane (Riga LV), Peter Gaertner (Vienna AT).

Aim of the group

The group has met twice and is currently developing and refining the framework for this award. A review of existing training within Europe has been undertaken, and a report produced.

Central to the Eurolecturer award is construction of a website which will contain links to videos of lectures in chemistry and chemical engineering and interviews with authors of chapters in Innovative Methods of Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education.

The assessment process is currently being developed, but will include the requirement to produce an educational resource in collaboration with a colleague from a different country. It is envisaged that pairs of candidates will be supported by a mentor from a third country, thus enhancing the European dimension of teaching. The scheme will be formally launched at the plenary meeting in Bratislava where potential candidates will be invited to come forward. Before then work is concentrating on completion of the website and formalisation of the procedure. The first certificates will be presented at the 2012 plenary meeting.

Members of teaching staff who would be interested in achieving the award of Eurolecturer are asked to contact the group leader, or to attend the group's meeting in Bratislava.


Period of Activity

April 2010 - March 2012


Montpellier April 2010, Amsterdam January 2011.

The final meeting was in Bratislava from 0830 to 1030 on Friday 20th May.

The Working Group has its own web site at :