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EC2E2N-1 • Work Package 10

Transparency of Chemistry

Updated: 24-02-2013 12:49


Anne-Marie Billet, INPT-ENSIACET, Toulouse, France

Leo Gros, Fachhochschule Fresenius, Idstein, Germany


Birgit SEYBERLICH, University Köln, Germany - Marek FRANKOWICZ, Jagiellonian University, Poland - Peter HAMERSMA, University TU Delft, Netherlands - Alfredo LAINEZ, University Complutense, Spain - Carmen GONZALEZ, University of Barcelona, Spain - Julia SEMPERE, IQS, Spain - Gabriella BORZONE, Genova University, Italy - Paola RIANI, Genova University, Italy - Anne CARDINALE, Genova University, Italy  - Gustavo AVITABILE, University Federico II, Italy. 

Aim of the group

Enhancement of students’ mobility through Europe, for high education in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Development of a Web data base for programs description.

Period of Activity

October 2010 to October 2012


Working group’s meetings 

- in Toulouse, France: March 2010, July 2010, December 10th-11th 2010.

Working group’s meeting during EC2E2N annual meetings
- Montpellier, France: April 2010;
- Bratislava, Slovakia: May 19th-21st 2011;
- Next scheduled in Milano, Italia: April 26-29 2012.


oral reports done at EC2E2N Management Committees (Brussels, Belgium, January 2010; Cologne, Germany, October 2010; Valletta, Malta, March 2012).

2012-04, Report, Milano IT (PDF, 96 Kb)
2012-10, Final Report (PDF, 1 Mb)
2012-10, Flyer (PDF, 200 Kb)

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