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EC2E2N-1 • Work Package 11

Internet-based test development

Updated: 27-10-2012 03:11


Pascal Mimero (CPE Lyon, FR)

Séverine Camy (INP-ENSIACET Toulouse, FR)


Expert Group Leaders

- Pre University: Kristiina Wähälä (Helsinki, FI)
- Bachelor: Milt Karayannis (Ioannina, GR), Arne van der Gen (Leiden, NL), Séverine Camy (Toulouse, FR), Gino Paolucci (Venice, IT), Peter Gärtner (Vienna, AT), Juan Antonio Rodriguez Renuncio (Madrid, ES)
- Master: Evangelia Varella (Thessaloniki, GR), Noelia Faginas-Lago (Perugia, IT), Oldrich Paleta (Prague, CZ)

Test Centres
- Internet Services: Carlo Manuali (Perugia, IT)
- Valorisation Project: Evangelia Varella (Thessaloniki, GR)
- Operation & Administration: Pascal Mimero (Lyon, FR)
- Secretary & Telematic Services: Antonio Lagana (Perugia, IT) 


Aim of the group

Developing the former EChemTest group while integrating the new ChemEPass platform (Chemical Engineering). It will extend the online thematic assessment coverage and improve the service.

Period of Activity



13.03.2010: Vienna AT (Joint Committee with Valorisation of Test Centers)

14.04.2010: Montpellier FR (Committee + WG Workshops)
01.10.2010: Cologne DE (Committee)
11.02.2011: Roma IT (Committee)
18-21.05.2011: Bratislava SK (Committee + WG Workshops)
07.10.2011: Helsinki FI (Committee)
02.03.2012: Valetta MT (Committee)
28.04.2012: Milano FR (Committee + WG Workshops)
14.09.2012: Perugia IT (Committee with the new VEC structure meeting)

Reporting (EChemTest)
2012-10: ChemEPass Final Report (PDF, 218 Kb)