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EC2E2N-1 • Work Package 18

Continuing education

Updated: 24-02-2013 13:05


Sébastien Gagneur, CPE Lyon FR (


Pascal Mimero (WP11), CPE Lyon FR; Kristiina Wähälä, University of Helsinki FI; Varella Lina, University of Thessaloniki GR; Otilia Mo Romero, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid ES; Nadine Lebolay, ENSIACET Toulouse FR; Sophie Thiebaudroux, ENSIACET Toulouse FR; Richard J. Wehwell, Strathclyde University Glasgow UK.


Pavel Drasar (WP9), Institute of Chem Tech Prague CZ; Anne-Marie Billet (WP10), ENSIACET Toulouse FR; Antonio Lagana (EChemTest), Perugia University IT; William Byers, Ulster University Belfast UK; Leo Gros (FACE), Fresenius University Idstein DE; Sophie Wilmet, CEFIC Brussels BE.

Aim of the group

This work package will look into the development of tools to promote the mobility of professionals and the Life Long Learning process. The CHEMEPASS 1 (database of educational programmes) and CHEMEPASS 3 (tests of fundamental knowledge) tools can be used and / or slightly modified and adapted for the evaluation of knowledge and competences and the recognition of Prior Learning during the process of diagnosis of needs for additional training or the process of outplacement. The CHEMEPASS 1 or variations thereof can also be particularly useful while identifying the proper LLL educational programme. Work packages 10 and 11 will therefore be closely linked to this work package which will extend the use of their productions to the professional world.

LLL includes all levels and forms (formal and non-formal; continuing; vocational) education and training. So a link with the Leonardo FACE project, now ended, will be established, making use of the common membership between the Leonardo and this TN project.

Period of Activity

January 2011 - September 2012


Brussels BE, June 2011

Helsinki FI, 7-9 October 2011 (Management committee)
Milano IT, April-May 2012 (Plenary meeting)
Brussels BE, June-July 2012


2012 Final Report (PDF, 234Kb)