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EC2E2N-2 • Work Package 01

Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching

Updated: 21-04-2015 19:53


flag_eu-pl_poland.gif Iwona Maciejowska, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland;

flag_eu-de_germany.gif Ilka Parchmann, IPN, Kiel University, Germany;
flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom.gif  Bill Byers, University of Ulster, UK;
flag_as-tr_turkey.gif Mustafa Sözbýlýr, Ataturk University, Turkey. 

Expertise in University Chemistry Teaching

It is highly encouraged to visit the EC2E2N Database link and to add your profile and competences, and also to get to know the methods described <there>.


A Guidebook of Good Practice

for the Pre-Service Training of Chemistry Teachers 

Published by Iwona Maciejowska and Bill Byers, and representing the work carried out by the WP01

Have a look at it here ... and enjoy your reading


flag_oc-au_australia.gif Australia: Mauro Mocerino, Curtin University, Perth (WA);
flag_eu-be_belgium.gif Belgium: Bernard Leyh, University of Liege; Pita Vandevelde, Plantijn hogeschool;
flag_eu-cz_czechrep.gif Czech Rep.: Hana Ctrnactova, Charles University of Prague; Blanka Kralova, Institute of Chemical Technology of Prague;
flag_eu-ee_estonia.gif Estonia: Andero Vaarik, University of Tartu;
flag_eu-de_germany.gif Germany: Silvija Markic, Bremen University;
flag_eu-ie_ireland.gif Ireland: Peter Childs, University of Limerick; Odilla Finlayson, Dublin City University; Claire McDonnell, Dublin Institute of Technology;
flag_eu-it_italia.gif Italy: Paola Ambrogi, Italian Chemical Society; Antonio Comite, University of Genova; Gustavo Avitabile, University Federico II;
flag_as-kz_kazakstan.gif  Kazakhstan: Gulmira Myrzatayeva, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University; Irina Yefimova, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University; Seitmagzimova Galina, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University; 

flag_eu-lv_latvia.gif Latvia: Jelena  Volkinsteine, University of Latvia;
flag_eu-mk_makedoniafyro.gif  Makedonia: Marina Stojanovska, University of Skopje;
flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif  Netherlands: Jan Apotheker, University of Groningen; Natasa Brouwer-Zupancic, University of Amsterdam;
flag_eu-no_norway.gif Norway: Hans-Georg Köller, Tromsø University;
flag_eu-rs_serbia.gif Rep. of Serbia: Dragica Trivic, Belgrad University; Vojin D. Krsmanović, Belgrad University; 

flag_eu-si_slovenia.gif Slovenia: Margareta Vrtacnik, University of Ljubljana;
flag_as-tr_turkey.gif Turkey: Mustafa Sözbýlýr, Ataturk University;
flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom.gif  United Kingdom: Emilia Bertolo, Canterbury Christ Church University College; Bill Byers, University of Ulster (Member of WP4); Hazel Wilkins, RSC; Paul Yates, Higher Education Academy;

Aim of the group

Teacher quality is one of the most important factors influencing students' results. The improvement of school and university teachers training is the aim of WP1. It can be achieved with the help of following WP outcomes:

1. Best practice examples of important areas of chemistry teacher training, and a self-evaluation test for these areas;

2. A database of expertise in different teaching methods used at university level.

Period of Activity

March 2013 - September 2015


2015.04.26-27 - WG Meeting, Ljubljana, SI

2015.01.30-31 - WG Meeting, Kraków, PL
2014.04.25-26 - WG Meeting, Madrid, ES
2013.10.28 - WG Meeting, Antwerp, BE

2013.04.05 - WG Meeting, Utrecht University, NL

2015.11.30 - Guidebook of Good Practice
Download the book [PDF / 5.52 Mb]
2015.09.02 - Brussels, BE - Final Report
Download the Presentation [PDF / 171 Kb]
2015.04.29 - Ljubljana 2015 - Report
Download the Presentation [PDF / 1.18 Mb]
2015.04.29 - Ljubljana 2015 - Poster
Download the Poster [PDF / 1.07 Mb]
2014.04.26 - Madrid 2014 Plenary - Summary
Download Summary (PDF / 279 Kb)
2014.04.26 - Madrid 2014 Plenary - Starfish
Download the Presentation [PDF / 1.23 Mb]
2014.04.26 - Madrid 2014 Plenary - Database Descripter Progress
Download the Report [PDF / 89 Kb]
2013.10.29 - Antwerp Meeting Report
Download the WG Report [PDF / 178 Kb]
2013.05.01 - Utrecht 2013 Poster
Download the Poster [PDF / 1.58 Mb]
2013.05.01 - Utrecht 2013 Presentation
Download the Presentation [PDF / 444 Kb]
2013.01.19 - Activity Report for the MCM
Download Report n1 [PDF / 400 Kb]
2012.10.19 - Call for Partners
Download the Call [PDF / 142 Kb]
Download the Document Word .docx [130Kb]
  • 151130: link to the Published material page (Book : A Guidebook of Good Practice for the Pre-Service Training of Chemistry Teachers)
  • 150902: Upload of the Final Report
  • 150504: Upload the Ljubljana Presentation and Poster
  • 150203: Add Madrid and Krakow meetings; MS and BB added as col-leaders
  • 140426: Upload of 3 documents after the 2014 Plenary Meeting (DescriptorProgress, Stafish, Summary)
  • 140423: Link to the Expertise in Chemistry Teaching database added under the item "Links"
  • 140228: Release of the updated Report Template
  • 140110: addition of 2 new members (G. Seitmagzimova KZ, V.D. Krsmanović, RS)
  • 131117: Release of the webpage in the new webserver format
  • 131110: addition of a new member (P. Yates, UK); upload of the interim report (Antwerp meeting)
  • 130906: Report Template updated/uploaded under "Others" item while circulating it via email to Group Leader(s) individually.
  • 130430: addition of a new member (M. Stojanovska, MK); upload of the Utrecht Presentation and Poster.
  • 130228: addition of a new member (M. Mocerino, WA AU)
  • 130217: addition of a new member (G. Myrzatayeva, KZ)
  • 130208: addition of a new member (A. Comite, Genova, IT)
  • 130201: addition of a new member (M.Vrtacnik, Ljubljana, SI), withdrawal of a previous member (M.Janiuk, Lublin PL)
  • 130119: upload of the interim Report 1 for the MC
  • 121216: addition of 2 new members (B.Byers UK, I. Efimova KZ, E. Bertolo UK)
  • 121122: addition of 6 new members (A.Vaarik EE, B.Kralova CZ, P.Childs and O.Finlayson IE, P.Vandevelde BE, M.Sozbilir TR)
  • 121111: addition of the 13th member (UK)
  • 121109: addition of the 12th members (Belgium)
  • 121108: addition of the 11th member (Latvia), and a link to EC2E2N1 WP12 webpage
  • 121103: declaration of the original group of 10 Members 
  • 121029: Call circulated via the NewsLetter 2012, October, 13(04) 
  • 121019: first release with Leader, Deputy, short Aim, Links
  • 121014: draft page (Leader, Aim v1, Call, 6 Links)