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EC2E2N-2 • Work Package 03


Updated: 03-03-2014 02:26


flag_eu-it_italia.gif Antonio Lagana, University of Perugia, Italy

flag_eu-de_germany.gif Reiner Salzer, TU Dresden, Germany 


flag_eu-at_austria.gif Austria: Walter Zeller, AStyle; Peter Gärtner, TU Vienna; Heinz Krebs, Krebs Inc.;

flag_eu-be_belgium.gif Belgium: Sophie Wilmet, CEFIC, Brussels; Nineta Majcen, EuCheMS;

flag_eu-fr_france.gif France: Anthony Smith, ECTN Association; 

flag_eu-it_italia.gif Italy: Noelia Faginas Lago, Master Up, Perugia, IT; 

flag_eu-es_spain.gif Spain: Franciscso Gavilanes, INBEA Biosensores, Madrid;

Aim of the group

By building on a specific training initiative and on a nucleus of academic spinoffs, a sustainable network of SMEs strongly linked to Higher education Institutions will be assembled to the end of acting as cultural mediators between University research and the innovation market (i.e. a network of spinners of application oriented research in University laboratories context and of providers of innovative solutions in the market context).

Period of Activity

October 2012 - September 2015


2013.01.19 - AU Thessaloniki GR

2015.04.29 - Ljubljana 2015 - Poster
Download the Poster [PDF / 440 Kb]
2014.02.28 - Madrid Meeting 2014.pdf
Download the Session Announcement [PDF / 132 Kb]
2014.02.01 - Madrid PreReport Revised.pdf
Download the Report [PDF / 334 Kb]
2013.03.01 - Utrecht 2013 Report Revised.pdf
Download the Report [PDF / 142 Kb]
2013.01.19 - Thessaloniki Report v3.pdf
Download the MCM Report [PDF / 136 Kb]
2012.10.25 - WG Announcement.pdf
Download the Call [PDF / 142 Kb]

Download the Document Word .docx [128 Kb]
  • 150905: Upload of the Ljulbljana 2015 Poster
  • 140228: Upload of the WP03 Meeting Session Programme (for Madrid 2014 / PM)
  • 140228: Upload of the March 2013 Report (for Utrecht / PM) and February 2014 (for Madrid / MCM)  
  • 140228: Release of the updated Report Template
  • 131117: Release of the webpage in the new webserver format
  • 130906: Report Template updated/uploaded under "Others" item while circulating it via email to Group Leader(s) individually.
  • 130218: Report 1 circulated with the NewsLetter 2013, February, 14 (01)
  • 130119: Identification of the Team of 8 members; Upload of the interim Report 1 (Oct. 2012-Jan. 2013)
  • 121029: Announcement circulated via the NewsLetter 2012, October, 13(04) 
  • 121026: First release with leader, Deputy, short Aim and Announcement online
  • 121014: draft page