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EC2E2N-2 • Work Package 06

Broadening Student Horizons

Updated: 30-11-2015 23:59


flag_eu-it_italia.gif Gabriella Borzone, University of Genova, Italy

flag_eu-es_spain.gif Otilia Mo, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain


flag_na-ca_canada.gif Canada: Brock Robertson, University of Calgari, Alberta;

flag_eu-fr_france.gif France: Catherine Ponthus, CPE Lyon; Cathy Vieillescazes, Université d’Avignon FR; Anne-Lise Poquet, Pierre et Marie Curie FR; Anne-Marie Billet & Gwénael Rapenne, University of Toulouse;

flag_eu-de_germany.gif Germany: Leo Gros, Hochschule Fresenius;
flag_eu-gr_greece.gif Greece: Evi-Maria Varka, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; 

flag_eu-it_italia.gif Italy: Cristina Femoni, Bologna University; Daniele Salvatore, Venice University;

flag_eu-lv_latvia.gif Latvia: Anda Priksane, Latvia University;

flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif Netherland: Iris Caris, Utrecht University;

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif Poland: Barczak, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University;
flag_eu-pt_portugal.gif Portugal: Artur Silva, University of Aveiro; Luis Miguel Madeira, University of Porto; 

flag_eu-sk_slovakia.gif Slovakia: Marta Kollarova, Comenius University of Bratislava; Monika Bakosova, Slovak University of Technology;

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif South-Africa: Suresh Ramsuroop, Durban University of Technology;

flag_eu-es_spain.gif Spain: Carmen Gonzales, University of Barcelone; Otilia Mó & Diego Cardenas, Universita Autonoma de Madrid;
flag_eu-se_sweden.gif Sweden: Anna von Barth, Lund University; 

flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom_1.gif United-Kingdom: Bille Byers, Ulster University; Raymond Wallace, Nottingham Trent University;

Aim of the group

This will include mobility of students (both for study and work placements) and teachers. It will look at industrial placements as a mobility tool and consider mobility both within and beyond Europe.

Period of Activity

2012 - 2015


2014.02.06, WP06 Meeting in Madrid, Spain

2013.09.04, Virtual Meeting organized by U. Genova, Italy


This group has produced a booklet entitled 'Compatibility of Course Structures of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the EU'. The experience gained by two HEIs with students involved in industrial placement mobility is described in the document 'Tools available to aid mobility: help for students and institutions. Case studies of Internships in Chemical Engineering at Porto University and in Chemistry at the University of Cologne'. The group has also developed recommendations for a student feedback template, with the aim of helping students wishing to study abroad.

Download the Booklet (Acrobat Format .pdf) [1.25 Mb]
Download the Acrobat file .pdf [147 Kb]
Download the Acrobat file .pdf [847 Kb]
2014.09.28 - Krakow Report (MCM) - n4
Download the Report 4 [PDF / 148 Kb]
2014.04.13 - Madrid 2014 Plenary - WG Session Advert
Download the Announcement [PDF / 120 Kb]
2014.02.06 - Madrid Report (MCM) - n3
Download the Report 3 [PDF / 107 Kb]
2013.09.15 - Telematic Meeting - Report 2
Download the Report [DOC / 99 Kb]
2013.04.15 - Utrecht 2013 Plenary - Outcomes.pdf
Download the File [PDF 45 Kb]
2013.04.15 - Utrecht 2013 Plenary - Report1 .doc
Download the Report 1 [DOC / 100 Kb]
2012.11.25 - Call for Partners.pdf
Download the Call [PDF / 108 Kb]

Download the Document Word .dock [130 Kb]
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  • 140413: New members (1 FR (AMB), 1 GR (EMV), 2 PT (AS, LMM), 1 SE (AvB), 1 ES (OM), 1 UK (BB)); Update of the list of Meetings; Upload of Madrid 2014 Summary Announcement.
  • 140228: Upload of the WP06 Madrid 2014 Meeting Programme
  • 140228: Upload of 2013 Report 1 (and outcomes), 2013 Telematic Meeting + 17 members
  • 140228: Release of the updated Report Template
  • 130906: Report Template updated/uploaded under "Others" item while circulating it via email to Group Leader(s) individually.
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