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The ECTN 4 Final Conference

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Chemistry and the Bologna Process
Current Status and Future Needs

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September 8 - Opening of the Conference


14h00 - 18h00


Registration in the Hotel Bastei

Welcome Reception in the Restaurant „Pulverturm“ near Frauenkirche

September 9 - Theme: Bologna Process Stocktaking

08h30 - 09h30

09h30 - 10h15


Opening speeches:

• Anthony Smith, Coordinator ECTN, CPE Lyon

Read / Download the file (PDF / 192 Kb)
Read / Download the file (PDF / 443 Kb)

• Margaret Wintermantel, President of the German Rectors’ Conference, Bonn

Read / Download the file (PDF / 124 Kb)

• Jörg Weber, Prorector Wissenschaft, TU Dresden

10h15 - 10h45

10h45 - 12h35

Coffee break

Chair: Reiner Salzer

ECTN and the Bologna Process: a Survey, Richard Whewell, Glasgow

Read / Download the file (PDF / 681 Kb)


• Bologna from an Insider’s Perspective, David Crosier, EURYDICE, Brussel

Read / Download the file (PDF / 2.83 Mb)

• Bologna from a US Perspective, Clifford Adelman, Inst. for Higher Education
   Policy, Washington, USA.

Read / Download the file (PDF / 6.01 Mb)


12h35 - 13h30

13h30 - 15h15


Chair: Henryk Koroniak

• European Quality Labels, Terry Mitchell, Dortmund

Read / Download the file (PDF / 17.8 Mb)

• Employability, Pavel Drasar, Prague

Read / Download the file (PDF / 1.3 Mb)

• Entrepreneurship, Gunter Festel, Festel Capital, Hünenberg/Zug

Read / Download the file (PDF / 2.70 Mb)

• New Teaching Methods, Bill Byers, Belfast, Ingo Eilks, Bremen


15h15 - 15h45

15h45 - 17h30

Coffee break

Round Table: Mobility and Recognition

• Chair: Peter Greisler, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin
• David Crosier, EURYDICE, Brussels

• Clifford Adelman, Inst. Higher Educ. Policy, Washington/DC
• Achim Hopbach, Vice-President, ENQA
• Colin Tück, Acting Director, EQAR

17h30 - 19h00

20h00 - 21h00


Concert in the Frauenkirche

September 10: Theme: ECTN and Bologna 2020

09h30 - 10h50

Chair: Terry Mitchell

• Bologna 2020 - the Bologna process beyond 2010, Christian Tauch, EU
   Commission, Brussels

• Future Developments of the Third Cycle of Higher Education, Jean Chambaz -
   Vice President Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI and Chair of the EUA-CDE
   Steering Committee

Read / Download the file (PDF / 3.17 Mb)


10h50 - 11h20

11h20 - 12h30

Coffee Break

Chair: Antonio Laganà

• Research and the Third Cycle: a Student Viewpoint, Janáky Csaba, Szeged

• The European Research Council and Its Focus on Chemical Research in Europe,Hans-Joachim Freund, Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin

12h30 - 13h30

13h30 - 14h10


Chair: Kurt Begitt

• Competitiveness of the Chemical Industries in the EU, Rodney Townsend, Chair, SusChem, RSC London

14h10 - 15h30

Round Table: How can university education and research strengthen the European chemical industry?

• Chair: Leo Gros, Bologna Expert of the DAAD

• Jean Chambaz, Steering Committee, EUA-CDE

• Janaky Csaba, student, Szeged

• Hajo Freund, Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin

• Rodney Townsend, SusChem, RSC London

15h30 - 16h00

16h00 - 17h00

17h00 - 17h15

17h30 - 19h00

Coffee break

Chemical Experiments
Chair: Michele Floriano

• Spectacular Chemical Experiments, Herbert Roesky, University of Göttingen

Closing Remarks

• Tony Smith, ECTN, CPE Lyon

Farewell Reception

• Evening Semper Opera House

Evaluation Report

Anthony Ashmore, Consultant, UK

Read / Download the file (PDF / 143 Kb)


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