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ECTN-1 • Work Package 01

The Rapid Changes in Safety Legislation

Updated: 09-05-2006 (original page) - transfered to the new plateform 12-01-2014


Gérard Killé, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, FR.


A. Schmidt, TU Wien, AT; E. McCann, University of Limerick, IE; P. Rinze, Univesität Hamburg, DE.

Aim of the group

The high profile of personal safety has implications for the nature of professional training and education, and a unified European approach to both education and implementation should be considered unless safety issues are to be an obstacle to the mobility of students and of professionals. This group produced a report in 1998 which is available from the group leader. The report contains a suggested teaching programme for safety in the chemistry curriculum.

Period of Activity