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ECTN-1 • Work Package 04

Chemistry and the Environment

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Milt Karayannis, University of Ionnina, GR


A. Jensen, DK-Teknik, DK; B. Pavoni, University of Venice, IT; G. Bauduin, ENSC de Montpellier, FR; G. Kreisel, University of Jena, DE; L. Morselli, University of Bologna, IT; M. Baird, University of Wales at Bangor, UK; R. Mocanu, University of Iasi, RO; R. Pagani, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, ES; T. Murray, Kung Tekniska Hogskolan, SE; W. Wruss, TU Wien, AT.

Aim of the group

Given the rapidly changing attitudes and legislation in this area, there is a place for environmental awareness and for education in low-pollution chemistry and remedial work. The aim of this group was to provide a guide to current good practice and to make recommendations for the future. The group has produced a major report containing proposals for curricula for teaching environmental chemistry to non-chemists and to chemists who are studying environmental chemistry. The proposals include a two-semester course of Introductory Environmental Chemistry and a four-semester course of more advanced environmental chemistry and environmental science. In addition, educational programs and courses offered by different universities and departments of environmental sciences from ten different countries have been documented in this report.

Period of Activity

July 1997 - September 1999



Final Report: Chemistry and Environment Report.pdf / PDF 887 Kb