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ECTN-1 • Work Package 05

Catalysis and New Materials

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Dr. Hannelore Vinek, TU Wien, AT


E. Derouane, University of Liverpool, UK; F. Pinna, University of Venice, IT; H. Zipse, Lugwig Maxilmilians Universität Munchen, DE; K. Seshan, Universiteit Twente, NL; M. Bridge, Trinity College Dublin, IE; O. Hormi, University of Oulu, FI; P. Braunstein, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FR.

Aim of the group

The aim of this working group was to consider how rapidly changing fields of chemistry, such as catalysis and new materials, can best be integrated into undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.

Period of Activity

September 1997 - September 1998


March 21. 1998.


Final Report: Catalysis and New Material National Report.pdf / PDF 154 Kb