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ECTN-1 • Work Package 08

The Image of Chemistry

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Prof. Hans-Günter Schmalz, Universität Köln, DE.


A. A. Jensen,  Teknik, Copenhagen, DK; H. Zipse, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, DE; J. Corish, Trinity College, Dublin, IE; K. Wähälä, University of Helsinki, FI; M. C. Magalhaes, University of Aveiro, PT; M. Floriano, University of Palermo, IT; N. Katsaros, Athens, GR; P. Braunstein, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, FR; R. Kempa, Keele, UK; .

Aim of the group

The ECTN has a unique suitability to make a contribution for improving the image of chemistry, and this is the aim of this working group. The group has highlighted a number of areas where exploitation and extension of work already carried out is possible and desirable. The work of this group is only in its initial phase. Further activities are envisaged. A preliminary report has been produced.

Period of Activity



February 1999


Final Report: Image of Chemistry.pdf / PDF 237 Kb