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ECTN-2 • Work Package 04

Core Chemistry for the Future

Updated: 11-01-2014 23:10


Prof. Paolo Todesco, University of Bologna, IT.


A. Barros, University of Aveiro, Santiago, PT; A. Oskam, Amsterdam, NL; B. Jennings, University of Cork, IE; D. Cardin, University of Reading, UK; D. Nonhebel, University of Strathclyde, UK; D. Papaioannou, University of Patras, GR; E. Akesson, Lunds University, SE; G. Francis, University of Bergen, NO; H.G. Schmalz, University of Köln, DE; J.A. Rodriguez Renuncio, University of Madrid, ES; J. Froehlich, TU Wien, AT; T. Hase, University of Helsinki, FI.

Aim of the group


Period of Activity




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