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ECTN-2 • Work Package 09

Chemistry and Cultural Heritage

Updated: 11-01-2014 23:10


Evangelia Varella, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR.


Arne van der Gen, Leiden University, NL; Catherine Vieillescazes, University of Avignon, FR; Tomasz Lojewski, University of Krakow, PL; Giovanni Rizzo, University of Palermo, IT; Johannes Froehlich, Vienna University of Technology, AT; Mariano Fajardo, Rey Juan Carlos University Madrid, ES; Christian Degrigny, Malta Centre for Restoration, MT.

Aim of the group

Among the actions that will be undertaken by this group are:

  1. comparison and evaluation of preservation methodologies, development of common protocols.
  2. overall definition of terms.
  3. multimedia products on European cultural heritage preservation (case studies, model applications).
  4. data bases of ancient European recipes on various procedures (e.g. dyeing)
  5. multimedia products on simulation of ancient techniques
  6. cooperation with INCOMED countries (Mediterranean and Eastern Europe)
  7. undertaking of common projects on specific topics (e.g. contemporary materials)
Period of Activity

 - Today


September 12-13, 2003 - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2003, 12

- CCHWGT_Agenda.htm / HTM Web page

- CCHWGT_ProgAbstr.pdf / PDF 61 Kb

 - Picture hall of the meeting: CCHWGT_Pictures Hall / HTM Web page

Residential Summer School: CCH_CS3_Announcement.pdf / PDF 29 Kb - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2005, 5
Report on the Summer School: RSS_CCH2006.pdf / PDF 224 Kb - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2006, 3

Second Residential Summer School on Chemistry and Conservation Science in Palermo IT next July 2008:


200312_CCH_WGT_Minutes.htm / HTM Web page - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2003, 12

 - CCHWGT_Programme Abstract / PDF 61 Kb


 - CCHWGT_RAL / PDF 115 Kb

 - CCHWGT_RCV / PDF 390 Kb


Final Report: Chemistry and Cultural Heritage / PDF 23 Kb - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2005, 1