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ECTN-2 • Work Package 10

European Chemistry Test Evaluation of Core Chemistry

Updated: 11-01-2014 23:10


Pascal Mimero, ESCPE Lyon, FR


General Chemistry 1/2 - Group Leader: K. Wähälä, Helsinki, FI ; Deputy: E. Kaija, Helsinki, FI ; IT Expert: J. Koskimies, Helsinki, FI

Analytical Chemistry 3 - Group Leader: M. Karayannis, Ioannina, GR ; IT Expert: C. Efstathiou, Athens, GR

Biology Chemistry 3 - Group Leader: A. van der Gen, Leiden, NL ; IT Expert: S. Karkola, Helsinki FI

Inorganic Chemistry 3 - Group Leader: D. Cardin, Reading, UK ; IT Expert: C. Cardin, Reading, UK

Organic Chemistry 3 - Group Leader: P. Gärtner, Vienna, AT ; Deputy: T. Hase, Helsinki, FI ; IT Expert: J. Velder, Cologne, DE

Physical Chemistry 3 - Group Leader: J.A.R. Renuncio, Madrid, ES ; Deputy: M. Gil, Madrid, ES ; IT Expert: I. Gil Iza, Madrid, ES

Synthetic Chemistry 4 - Group Leader: H.-G. Schmalz, Cologne, DE ; IT Expert: J. Velder, Cologne, DE.

Computational Chemistry 4 - Group Leader: O. Mo, , ; Deputy: A. Lagana, Perugia, IT.

IT Support - Server Maintenance: C. Manuali, Perugia, IT ; IT New Development: H. Krebs, Vienna, AT

Aim of the group

Further details of this project can be found on the project website: The chemistry project was one of the 16 projects funded by the European Commission. EChemTest is now accessible online as a free demo tool, and the Certification Procedure in Testing Centers is currently under preparation.

Period of Activity

1997 - Today


2013.10.28 - WG Meeting, Antwerp, BE

2013.04.05 - WG Meeting, Utrecht University, NL


Official Launch: EChemTest_Official Launch_Thessaloniki / PPS 768 Kb - published in ECTN NewsLetter 2005, 3