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Books and Reports

Implementation of outcome based education in chemistry and chemical engineering
Ilkka Turunen and Bill Byers, published by the European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education Network, 2012
picto-pdf3.gif Book (504 Kb)

Employability of the Chemistry First Cycles Graduates - Kurt Begitt and Pavel DraĊĦar, Chemicke Listy Edition, 2009
picto-pdf3.gif Book (503 Kb)

Tuning Chemistry Subject Area Brochure - ECTN, 2008
picto-pdf3.gif Book (860 Kb)

EC2E2N NewsLetter Special Edition

2015 - Chemistry Teachnig and Learning [web] [PDF] 
2015 - Work Place Learning & Sandwich Course [web] [PDF]
2014 - Green Chemistry [web] [PDF] 

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